Sand Drag Racing

Topics: Drag racing, Race and Ethnicity, Truck Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Title: Unique Hobby: Sand Drag Racing
Topic:Self Introduction Speech
Specific Purpose:To inform listeners of my unique hobby and how it has affected my life. Thesis Statement:My hobby is sand drag racing and it has modeled many of my behaviors today. Introduction

Attention Materials:My mother and father are past Grand National Champions in the sport. I have been racing since the age of 2. We travel all over the country to races. Major sponsors – Mercedes Benz USA, Fox Dealer Group, and Pennsylvania Property Mangers. Thesis Statement:My hobby is sand drag racing and it has modeled many of my behaviors today. Preview:Racing has been and currently is a major part of my life. It has formed many of my behaviors and created a better understanding of conflict management.

(Transition: “The love of racing goes back very far in my family, to my grandfather and his Cuda.”)

I. I have been racing since I was 2 years old. It has been somewhat of glue that holds my family together. a. We have a motor home that is 47 ft long and a 30 ft double high trailer, as well as a 53 ft truck trailer that we haul the dragsters in. b. I started out on a mini quad, and worked my way up to a junior dragster. From there I moved to a full size quad and now have a full size competition dragster. II. My parents are both Grand National Champions many times over. My mother and father as well as my brother are very competitive on the race circuit. c. We race on the ASRA circuit, that’s the American Sand Racing Association, and we are members on the IOK 4 wheelers. III. We have only been sponsored in the last 2 years, before that we self supported our whole racing operation.
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