San Miguel Corporation and A. Soriano Corporation

Topics: Management, Plan, Planning Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: September 17, 2011
Statement of the Problem
How do the companies reach effective formal planning?
The SMC company known leader in the beer business in the Philippines The company SMC sought professional advice from a team of experts on strategic planning. The company is strict with the quality of its products.

The companies implement strategic planning.
The plans of these companies were done step by step and well studied. The tasks were designated properly, all being allocated. Plans were deeply being examined.
All things are in detailed.
Opinions are being analyzed well because there are lots of people involve. There is an open communication among the managers and employees. Weaknesses
Competition was very tough.
They were just concentrated in internal part of the business which is planning. Their planning process is too long.
Their are more works to be done
There are lots of groups/ people who are involved.
Develop clear competitive strategies for a particular product/market niche so as to beat specific competitors in reaching the targeted set of customers. The acceptance of the two companies on having various teams is significant step towards increasing the organizations’ flexibility to respond to changing environmental conditions. Asian beer markets were similar with Philippine beer market. This will lead to a strong company that is always prepared, whatever trouble may come. Strategic programs to achieve the agreed-upon objectives are likewise being prepared in a more critical, more realistic manner. Threats

There is a tendency on external portion of the companies to fall down, like on the sales. Analysis
Effective formal planning system can be an armour against any trouble that the company might experience. This will make the company go with the flow of the changes in the environment. It does take time to achieve this effective planning. It does take a lot of works to reach the objectives...
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