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San Juan City Fast Facts

By jessicaannereyes Feb 25, 2013 399 Words
* On February 17, 1590, during the Spanish era, San Juan was established as an encomienda for Franciscan missionaries.  

* It was formerly known as San Juan del Monte, its name was derived from its patron saint, San Juan de Bautista, and del Monte after its hilly landscape.  

* San Juan was formerly part of Manila's Sta. Ana de Sapa.   * The town was burned by rebels during the Chinese uprising of 1639.         * In 1793, it was separated from Sta. Ana de Sapa and made into a separate municipality.  

* From 1847 to 1894, the town was governed by gobernadorcillos 

* From 1895 to 1897, the Capitan Municipal headed the government. * On August 30, 1896, during the revolution, 800 Katipuneros attacked the 100-man garrison at the Spanish polvorin (known then as Almacen de Polvora).  The Spanish commander was killed and the rest of the garrison withdrew to El Deposito (the old Manila water reservoir).  The arrival of Gen. Bernardo Echaluce's Regiment 73 turned the tide against the rebels.  153 patriots were killed and 200 others, including Sancho Valenzuela, were captured.   

* The town joined General Emilio Aguinaldo's revolutionary government on August 6, 1898. * The Philippine-American War began on February 4, 1899 when a Filipino soldier was killed by an American private at San Juan Bridge.  In retaliation, Filipino troops opened fire on the American line. On daybreak of the next day, the American fleet bombarded Filipino trenches north of the town, causing much havoc on the Filipino troops.  The Nebraska Volunteers charged up heights of the heights of the town and captured El Deposito. * On June 11, 1901, San Juan was made part of the newly created province of Rizal through Act No. 94.  

* In 1903 it became part of San Felipe de Neri (now Mandaluyong) 

* San Juan became an independent municipality on March 27, 1907 through Act No. 1625.  

* On January 2, 1942, during World War II, it  was occupied by the Japanese * On August 6, 1942, San Juan was incorporated into the Japanese-sponsored Greater Manila Area by virtue of Exec. Order No. 76.   District Chiefs were appointed to handle municipal affairs.   

* On November 8, 1975, San Juan was incorporated into the newly formed Metro Manila which was created by Presidential Decree No. 824.  * It was converted into a highly-urbanized city on by virtue of Republic Act No. 9388 and ratified by a plebiscite held on June 16, 2007.

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