San Antonio de Valero

Topics: Texas, Battle of the Alamo, Anthony of Padua Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: March 4, 2009
The Alamo was built May 1, 1718. It was authorized by a man named Fray Antonio de Olivares (2). It took about six years to find the present location of the Alamo (2). The purpose of the Alamo was to spread Christianity and educate Native Americans (1). It was built near another mission named in honor of Saint Anthony de Bexar. This structure was named in honor of Saint Anthony de Pabua and the Duke of Valero by Olivares.

This symbolic landmark was frequently claimed, surrendered, and abandoned. Some instances would be like when the Alamo was abandoned in 1793. This led to archives being moved to the San Fernando Church for safe keeping.(2) Later in 1803 the mission was claimed by the Second Flying from Coahulia, Mexico.(2) Eventually one of Santa Anna relatives both claimed and then later surrendered the Alamo in 1836.

The original structure of the Alamo was no bigger than a straw hut (3). Unfortunately the Alamo was partially destroyed by a hurricane in the year 1724 (4). Six years after its completion, the Spaniards built a more permanent structure for San Antonio de Valero. This new and improved mission was better built for defensive purposes. By 1757, the church itself had been erected (3).

Life at the Alamo was different than the current 21st century. The men still worked as they do today but instead of suits and ties, they donned calico and cotton for their farming lives. Today woman are more accepted in the working class. When in 1718 their life consisted of cooking, cleaning, and sewing. The children’s lives are still fairly similar in ways. We go to school everyday like they did, but instead of trying to help make our parents lives much better we drive them crazy with our attitudes. The Native Americans were also located in the mission. Olivares found friendly Indians along the way to Texas (5).

Alamo is a very well known word in San Antonio, Texas. There are a few stories on why San Antonio de Valero was named the...
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