Samurai and knights were different but the similarities were grater

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Samurai V.S. Knight

Samurai and Knights were different but the similarities were greater because of their rankings, training, armor, fighting technique, code of honor, and death viewpoint. The Japanese called their warriors Samurai, and the Europeans called their warriors Knights. They both swore oaths of loyalty to noble lords and fought to the death to defend them. This happened at the same time even though Japan and Europe were thousands of miles apart. Samurai were a little higher up than Knights in the feudal social order. In the social order in feudal Japan if you were a Samurai you were a warrior who owed loyalty and military service to Dalmyos for land or regular payment. All of the Samurai plus their family made up about ten percent of Japans population. Now, Knights on the other hand were warriors who owed loyalty and military service to a lord for land. There were about twelve thousand Knights in England and Normany France in the twelfth century. (Documents A, B) Samurai and Knights were trained in a different manor because of their armor and their fighting technique. Samurai armor consisted of small iron scales that were tied together and bounded into armor plates with silk or leather cords. The helmet was made of eight to twelve iron plates, and below it was a five piece neck guard. The body of the armor had four parts. They did not have armor on their right arm so they could easily draw their bow. Knights wore armor made of chain mail. When bows and crossbows became more common they started to wear complete suits of plate armor made of metal. (Documents C, D) The Samurai followed the code of Bushido. It consisted of discharging loyal service to his master, deepening his loyalty to his friends, and devoting himself to duty above all. Each Knight followed the code of Chivalry. He took the vows of true knighthood, solemnly promising to do no wicked deed, to be loyal to the king, to give mercy to those asking it, always to be courteous and helpful...
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