Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Don Juan

Topics: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Romanticism Pages: 3 (427 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Romantic Poetry

Broad question

1. discuss blacks use of symbol in his songs of innocence and of experience. 2. evaluate wordworth michesl as atragedy of human life
3. discuss the crime and funishment in the rime of the ancient mariner 4. how does shelley idealize the skylark
5. discuss the theme of hope of regeneration with th reference to shelley ode to westwind 6. consider don juan as typical Byronic hero
7. do you think keats is an escapist/
8. keats has established supremecy of art over life in his ode on Grecian urn less important
9. evaluate keats as a poet of beauty
10. discuss the romantic elements with the specific reference to kubla khan 11. how does wordsworth glorify childhood in ode to intimation of iimortality 12. discuss blake treatment of childhood
13. write a note on blakes criticism of society
14. write a note on romantic elements in byron

short question and contrast the lamb and the tiger
2.what is an ode?
3.bring out the elements of ode in his ode to intmaton of immortality
4.what is pastoral poetry?
5. is micheal is apastoral poetry?
6.what loss of grown up men does wordsworth refer to in immortality ode? how wordsworth analysis the psychology of the
8. what is ballad?
9. bring out the elements of ballad in ancient mariener
10. what is albatross?why did ancient mariener killed the albatross?
11. what is sensousness? does keats create sensousness in ode to nightingle?
13.what is escapism?is keats is an escapist?
```14.comment westwind as destroyer and preserver?
15. comment treatment of love don juan & donne Julia?
16. how does keats established the supriocity of the Grecian urn over all other earthly thing


1. I went a hero,an uncommon want………………..(don juan) 2. a fifty love for love in rare……..(don juan)
3. the tears were gushing from her gentle eyes…….(don juan) 4. wild spirit which art moving every where….(shelley)
5. be...
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