Samuel Johnson Perseverance

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Samuel Johnson once declared, “Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.” Oddly if one were to come across the definition of perseverance they would unfortunately see a chaotic cluster of enormous synonyms that lack very little purpose for a compelling indication. Despite the realization that the definition prevails, Samuel Johnson’s statement exhibits my existential behavior during my college career. For it only helped me understand that by maintaining my feelings of assiduity I could maintain the importance of perseverance. Through my college career I have learned that perseverance cannot be simplified to just one simple adjective, but it also contributes to ones state of mind. In the beginning of my college career I quickly realized that success was a quintessential key to my education, …show more content…
Chemistry and Calculus prevailed to be very hard to grasp, despite my love for math and science I couldn’t function with the many task on my plate while comprehending the material. It was in these two classes I didn’t possess the untaught knowledge that the courses required, but I did possess perseverance. I worked incredibly hard, focusing mainly on learning the material while balancing the work load that life had with stowed upon me, I worked countless hours to become successful at something I wasn’t too good at. It was then I realized that I was no longer held captive by the fear of failing in life or in this class, but became accustomed to my personal assessment aiding my endurance, I simply entered my own state of mind, and aced the class while still managing my work load. This gave me the assumption that when you enter your own state of mind you hold truth to your own will of perseverance. So when asked what your greatest achievements

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