Samuel Johnson Analysis Questions.

Topics: Sentence, Dependent clause, Mean Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: September 21, 2014
1st paragraph:
1. Notice that the subject of the dependent clause in the sentence is ‘‘men.’’(‘‘As there are to be found…) What is the independent clause? The independent clause is ‘‘calumny is diffused by all arts and methods of propagation. Because it can be understood by itself and does not depend on the first part of the sentence in order to make sense. 2. What is the pattern of imagery and diction in lines 7-10? The pattern of imagery and diction that is created in lines 7 -10, uses diction with negative and consequential words to create a negative image of a result of not making a thrust in life. If you are not doing anything interesting with life, you might be putting yourself in a position where you could be criticized and disturbed, but incapable of changing it. 3. Write the oxymoronic phrase.

Nothing is too cruel or too refined, too cruel or too trifling to be practiced. 4. What is essentially this paragraph about?
The paragraph is about different personalities and different kinds of people that will judge and how they do it.

2nd paragraph
5. What do you think ‘‘prosecutor of merit’’ (line 16) means? The prosecutor of merit is often looking for good people to criticize. 6. To what are this prosecutors compared?
To different types of insects.

3rd paragraph
7. What could you substitute for ‘‘rather’’ in the first sentence: ‘‘The Roarer is an enemy rather terrible than dangerous? I would substitute ‘‘rather’’ for ‘‘more’’ or maybe a sophisticated word to indicate he is both and enemy terrible and dangerous, but more terrible than dangerous. 8. Note the Roarer’s two strongest points in line 21-22. Why do you think the narrator mentions these first? The two strongest point of the Roarer are his hardened front and strong voice. And the narrator mentioned this first because in order to understand his strategies, we have to know he is an expert in creating a big deal out of something maybe insignificant and he is always firm with his statements...
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