Samuel Colt

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Samuel Colt

By: Chase Gauthier

Samuel Colt was born on July in 1816, in Hartford, Connecticut. He was born an important man. He invented the revolver. It is one of history’s most important weapons.
Colt was not the best student in school. He usually had some troubles in while at school. One day, he brought a pistol into school and fired it in school. Instead of being expelled, he dropped out of school. After that he made a town gathering and made them pay money to see a raft blow up. When he blew it up, mud was on everybody. They chased him, and a girl named Elisha Root helped him escape from the trouble. She was amazed that he could send an electrical charge under water.

When he escaped he went to the sea. He got a job on the ship, Carvo. One night he was on the deck and he had a clock of wood. He carved the wood into an odd shape that had a revolving cylinder. There were six holes, which bullets could be placed inside the cylinder. People say he got the idea from the wheel of the ship.

Colt was tired of living on the sea and working on the Carvo. He went back to the American Harbor. He also went back to work in his father’s factory. Colt was not completely happy with his job. Sam wanted to start making and inventing his revolver. Colt decided to change his name to Dr. Coult, the mysterious scientist. He wanted to gain money for doing this so he could get money for his revolver. He pumped nitrous oxide used by dentists to be pain free while drilling on your teeth. When he was done he had enough money for a patent on his revolver idea.

Samuel F.B. Morse created the telegraph and Morse code. Colt wanted to be a part of all of this. In 1836, in Patterson, New Jersey, he used money raised from his performances as Dr.Coult and from his father’s factory to start his own factory. He made some of his six shooters and sold them. He even tried to persuade Andrew Jackson that fast fire repeaters would give soldiers the fighting edge. His revolvers made a...

Bibliography: Samuel Colt by: James Craig
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