Samsung Strategy

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Exercise 1: Identifying Corporate Strategy (Individual work)
A. What are some of the business units (products) of Samsung?

Samsung is a huge conglomerate that is well-known and respected globally. Its iconic brand is considered leader in its respective field in the industry. As a huge multi-national conglomerate, it consists of many business units or products with worldwide following and in the assignment excerpt, it mentioned some like first and foremost their flagship galaxy s4 and its previous series, the note, chips, displays and other technology. Aside from what is mentioned in the excerpt, Samsung had a variety of technological product advancement like their own version of tablet, phablet, other phone models, laptops, appliances and a lot more products. The company also involves in manufacturing, most especially in smartphone components as detailed in the table and therefore not heavily dependent on outside source of supplies from other companies which I think one of the competitive advantages of Samsung.

B. In your own words, described Samsung’s corporate strategy.

Samsung as a company is not best or well-known for pioneering certain products. They are not investing huge amount of money on something that they are uncertain or not sure of, but rather they want to hit what the consumer wants bulls eye. Samsung corporate strategy is always monitoring what competitors are doing or what others are cooking, and take note seriously the behaviour or response of the market and from there they pick-up the idea as to what will click to consumers. Samsung take action by mimicking that product and come up with a good and much better version. This strategy saves a lot of time and money on doing market research on what product to launch and instead know right away where they will focus their energy and resources on R & D, and eventually produce superb quality at a very good price in comparison to competitors. Samsung corporate

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