Samsung Strategy

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MGMT10002 Managing and Leading Organisations
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In Aug 2012, Samsung, the world 's largest technology company by sales, is ordered to pay $1.05 billion in damages for violating Apple’s patents for the iPhone and iPad, "Samsung 's strategy was to build something similar to another company 's product but to make it better, faster and at lower cost", is Samsung going to change its strategy to fit new conditions? Choe Sang-Hun 's article "After verdict, assessing the Samsung strategy in South Korea" is a roadmap to evaluating the effect of strategy on Samsung. This paper will also explore Samsung 's culture, responsiveness to external market environment and innovation

From lots of newspaper article, it clear state that Samsung 's strategy is what bring Samsung to success so far, like James B. Stewart 's "Iphone 5 Fever? Don’t Count Samsung Out" however, there might be a strategy shift after Apple 's patent win. Strategy, which is the plan of action that describes resource allocation and activities for dealing with the environment, achieving a competitive advantage, and attaining the organization 's goals. Competitive advantage refers to what sets the organization apart from others and provides it with a distinctive edge for meeting customer or client needs in the marketplace.(textbook, management, 4th ed, p294) Strategy as ways of action, to respond to competitors, cope with difficult environmental changes, like globalization, deregulation, advancing technology, and changing demographics and lifestyles, to meet changing customer needs and achieve effectively use available resources. The essence of formulating strategy is choosing how the organization will be different (Porter, 1996). Strategy necessarily changes over time to fit environmental conditions, as companies develop strategies that focus on core competencies, develop synergy, and create value for customers. Core competence is something

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