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Topics: 3D television, Samsung Group, 3-D film Pages: 6 (2487 words) Published: November 23, 2013
Executive Summary

This report will display the history and background of the worldwide famous company Samsung; Which was established on march 1st 1938 by Byung Chull lee, as well as their exceptional 3d technology which is used in their televisions, in addition to future inventions and technology we wish to see.
The company started by exporting dried Korean fish, sugar, along with fruits and vegetables. Through out the years Samsung slowly started getting into manufacturing equipment, and then to petrochemicals and acquiring insurance companies then finally they diversified into the position they are in.

This paper will also explain and discuss how 3D was created, and how does it work. Also, special features will be mentioned as to why consumer should buy Samsung TV rather than other brands. Perks that make Samsung have that no other company possesses.

Finally mentioning the products that are expected to be displayed and introduced to people in the near future, as well as, products we wish and hope to be created.

We know that Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to mobile phones, appliances and other electronic gadgets. But what most of us don’t know is that Samsung has businesses in many other different industries. Samsung group has subsidiaries not just in the manufacturing but also in the service sector. Byung-Chull Lee created Samsung on March 1st 1938 with a starting capital of 30000 won ($27). The company originally started by exporting dried Korean fish, sugar, along with fruits and vegetables to Beijing and Manchuria. Within a duration of 10 years Samsung had transformed from a small exporting company to a big and thriving firm that owns its own woolen mills, plants and manufacturing equipment. In the year of 1969 Samsung showed interest in chemicals, shipbuilding and home electronics. The business later expanded by investing in heavy industries, petrochemicals and acquiring insurance companies. Later in the 1980s Samsung began heading towards larger technology focus. In order to continue prospering the company got a new management in the 1990s. [Samsung, ND] Samsung’s main building lies in South Korea; their blue colored logo is a representation of solidity and dependability. The word Samsung translates into 3 stars and each star has its own respective meaning; to serve the nation throughout issues, to put human resources over the material resources and efficient management activity. During its foundation Samsung was inferior to big name brands such as Panasonic and Sony, and had the appeal of selling low-priced products. Vice chairman Yoon Jung Yong created the ‘Sashimi theory’, which basically says that timing is everything when it comes to maximizing electronic profits. Samsung used the method of showcasing the newest technology first before any of their competitors do, that way they get to charge premium prices unlike their competitors. [kennesaw, 2009] After the Korean World war, Samsung didn’t have the sufficient technology needed to manufacture their products, and so they started importing components from other countries, which is what they used in assembling black and white televisions. Then they started acquiring technology from foreign firms and focused on developing and improving this technology for their own use to expand their product range. [Samsung, ND] When Byung Chull Lee passed away his son Kunhee Lee became the new chairman. ‘Samsung Group’ now has around 60 subsidiaries such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Insurance Company, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung construction & trading, Samsung Everland, etc. [Samsung, ND] A run through on the progression of Samsung’s technology and the evolution of the TVs they produce can enlighten people regarding their views on Samsung’s products, how it started and how they got to producing one of the best 3D TVs. The first production of Black-and-White TV was started by Samsung-Sanyo in 1970. Next was the...
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