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Kim,YUN-HEE & Krim,J (2014, April 20) Samsung Is Developing Own Platform, Apps : Wonpyo Hong, president of company's Media Solution Center, discusses new music service, importance of software. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from Samsung Electronics overtook Apple Inc. to become the world's biggest smartphone maker by selling hardware using Google Inc. popular Android operating system. As it tries to beef up in software, the South Korean tech giant has been hiring more engineers to develop its own platform and applications for mobile devices, wearables and other consumer electronics. Samsung's latest initiative is a free music streaming service called Milk Music, which launched last month in the U.S. It allows users of its Galaxy smartphones to listen to the radio and download music. In its push into gaming, the company also recently launched an app and a game pad that allows users to play online games on their smartphones or TVs. It also started to roll out this month a service in 11 countries, including the U.S. and U.K., that lets consumers control home appliances through a smartphone app. Wonpyo Hong, president of Samsung's Media Solution Center, which is responsible for developing apps and services, recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal at the company's Suwon, South Korea, headquarters about the firm's latest software initiatives. In terms of apps, they’re developing some and have purchased some. The Milk Music app launched and had about 380,000 downloads through the app store and it's just at a very early stage to even talk about success. Also another thing they’re working with is Mirror Link. The open standard that consumer electronics companies and car companies have been working together to establish for several years. They want to enhance how consumers interact with their smartphones and the car so they can continue to use the...
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