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Topics: Gulliver's Travels, United Nations Charter, Lemuel Gulliver Pages: 7 (2433 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Character List
Captain Lemuel Gulliver, the narrator.
Mrs. Mary Burton Gulliver
Gulliver's wife.
A species of horses who are endowed with great kindness and virtue. Gulliver lives among them for several years and afterwards is extremely reluctant to return to England. The King
Gulliver and the King of Brobdingnag spend dozens of hours discussing politics and comparing their two cultures. Laputans
The inhabitants of a floating island who wear mathematical and astronomical symbols and have trouble paying attention. Munodi
The Balnibarbi Lord who shows Gulliver around and teaches him about why the island is so barren. Don Pedro
The captain of the Portuguese ship that picks Gulliver up after his voyage to the country of the Houyhnhnms. Yahoos
The Houyhnhnms' word for humans. Yahoos in the country of the Houyhnhnms are disgusting creatures. Part III, "A Voyage to Laputa ... and Japan"
Chapter I
"The Author sets out on his Third Voyage, is taken by Pirates. The Malice of a Dutch-man.His arrival at an Island. He is received into Laputa." After being at home for only ten days, Gulliver is visited by a ship captain who invites him on a voyage departing in two months. Gulliver convinces his wife that this is a good opportunity and sets off, again working as the surgeon. After they sail for three days, a storm arises, driving the ship to the north-northeast, where they are attacked by pirates. They are unable to defend themselves. Gulliver insults the captain of the pirate ship and as punishment is set adrift in "a small Canoe, with Paddles and a Sail, and four Days Provisions." On the fifth day of sailing in his canoe, Gulliver reaches a small island, where he spends the night in restless sleep. In the morning he notices that what he thought was a cloud floating above the island is actually a floating island. Gulliver calls up to the people he sees moving about the island. They lower down a system of pulleys that can pull Gulliver up. Chapter II

As soon as Gulliver steps onto the floating island, he is surrounded by a crowd of people. He finds them very strange even though they are of a size similar to his. Their heads are slanted to the left or right, and their clothes have pictures of either musical instruments or astronomical signs. Gulliver learns that he is on Laputa. The people here have terribly short attention spans, so they carry around "Flappers." These are used for hitting other people during conversation in order to keep them focused. After dinner a man is sent to teach Gulliver the language. Gulliver finds that the Laputian houses are built very poorly and with no right angles. This is odd because the men here are obsessed with mathematics. The people here never have peace of mind. They are constantly worrying about dangers such as the possibility that the sun might go out. The women cheat on their husbands, especially with their preferred men from Balnibarbi, but the men are so wrapped up in mathematics that they do not notice. The King of Laputa is not remotely interested in the government of England. Chapter III

Gulliver learns that Laputa is floating above Balnibarbi, the island on which he landed his canoe. Laputa contains 10,000 acres and is perfectly circular. It is able to move about the surface of Balnibarbi but not beyond its borders, and it can move up and down because of its magnetic forces. When a town from Balnibarbi acts up, the King has Laputa moved directly above it so that it can receive no sun or rain. No one from the Royal family is allowed to leave Laputa. Chapter IV

Gulliver finds Laputa terribly boring because the people there are all much more intelligent than he is. He has a hard time conversing with them and is generally ignored. He petitions to go down to Balnibarbi, and his request is granted. On Balnibarbi, Gulliver meets LordMunodi, who invites Gulliver to stay at his home. Munodi's home is beautiful and kept well, but when the two travel out into the...
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