Samsung Case

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How strong is the Samsung brand? Can Samsung pass Sony and became a top ten global brand? The strength of Samsung brand emanates from the brand management strategy adopted over a period of time through the various efforts undertaken by the company such as intensive R&D, good supplier relations,SCM,vertical integration, digital product innovation, etc. and the excellent Digit All campaign .. For domestic market, it had a dominant position.

In the case of International markets, Samsung implements a multibrand, multisegment strategy. The brand is at different stages of development in different country markets. In the US
Samsung brand is at the turning-point stage. ( awareness is good, generating significant demand in some product categories, but where the brand image had to be re-inforced to improve repeat-purchase probabilities •Seen by many consumers as a value brand

Increasingly viewed by consumers and trade partners alike as reliable, up-and-coming, credible, etc.

In Europe
Stronger image in southern countries like Spain and Italy than in northern Europe. •Consumers in these countries don’t have entrenched brand preferences as they do in Northern Europe ( Ex: Germans fiercely loyal to German brands) Emerging Markets

Samsung brand stronger In Emerging and developed markets. •In Russia, Voted “people’s brand” several years in a row. China
Made even more progress in China, where it was transitioning from the turning point stage to the advanced stage. •Chinese consumer values quality brands and purchasing power is largely concentrated in major cities.

From the Consumer Research, we observe that
Samsung brand is at different degrees of development in different countries. In China, Samsung brand was strong on “delights me” but not on “perfect fit”, except in case of cell phones. In US, overall brand was more “price based” . Samsung cell phones in “delights me” category.

Sony is following a divergent strategy with focus on several...
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