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1. Proem 5
2. Origin and growth of Samsung Electronics 6
2.1 Origin of Samsung Electronics 6
2.2 Growth of Samsung electronics 6
3. What specific factors are those who have influenced the internationalization of the tourist company in question? 7 3.1 What are the competitive advantages of the company that will ensure an international success? (Hymer theory) 7 3.2 What are the competitive advantages offered by the country of origin to the multinational? (Porter diamaond) 7 4. Theories of internationalization 8

4.1 What are the main forms of international expansion by the company? 8 4.2 Process of mergers and acquisitions with other companies, vertical integration or alliances with other companies? Any kind of link inter-company? 8 4.3 The internationalization strategy of the company still what process? Is the internationalization process divided into stage? 8 4.4 Give the process of internationalization degree of diversification the company? 8 4.5 What are the main market failures faced by the multinational? The explain not international in the form of franchise expansion? 8 4.6 Explain and outline the different links that compose the value chain of the industry to which the company belongs. 8 5. What specific aspects of the country may have favored the localization of the company? 9 5.1 Performs a synthesis in terms of attracting foreign investment in XXX 9 5.2 Performs a synthesis in terms of attracting foreign investment in XXX 9 6. What are the most important obstacles to internationalization that can be found in the country? 10 7. Conclusion 11

8. Literature 12

1. Proem

2. Origin and growth of Samsung Electronics
2.1 Origin of Samsung Electronics
Samsung was founded by Byung-Chull Lee on March the 1st in 1938. It started out as a little export company which exported dried Korean fish, vegetables and fruits from Mantsjoerije to Peking. Within a decade Samsung grow out to have its own flour mills and confectionery machines, its own manufacturing and sales operations and ultimately evolve to become the modern global corporation that still bears the same name today. From here on Samsung started to expand in to the insurance business which they still keep a hold on today, such as: Samsung Fire & Marine insurance, Samsung life insurance. Samsung began her technology division in the year 1969 when the first televisions were produced. The first black-white television Samsung produced was in 1970. In the year 1974 Samsung started to invest strategically in chemical and petrochemical industry and began the production of wasmachines and fridges. In 1977 Samsung began to look over the border of Korea and started exporting colour tv’s all over the world. After two years they also began the production of microwaves to enforce there marketshare in household devices. Then the 1980’s began, from here on they also expand their business in air conditionings. Samsung is now a worldwide known company for electronic household devices. In the following years Samsung began to invest in computers, telecommunication, spacetechnology, nanotechnology and advanced networkarchitecture. At the end of the 80’s after 50 years of leading the company Byun-Chull Lee puts down his function and pass it on to his son Kun-Hee Lee. From this period Samsung began to reorganize their companies which has lead them to become one of the fifth largest electronic companies. Now the 90’s has started which will lead to one of the biggest challenges in the high-tech-sector. Fussions, alliances and overtaking of other companies was just a normal day of running the Samsung Holding. Samsung began to internationalize their brand more and more. They developed their first cell-phone in 1991 and the computerbranch made a lot of technical improvements. Half way during the 90’s Samsung began their ambition of ‘’Quality comes first’’. From here on Samsung began to put more effort in their brandname...
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