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Project Context
In traveling, we noticed that most of all the devices are in computer form. We are also aware that we are now in the era of computer wherein most of the gadgets are composed of codes using different kinds of programming language.
In this regards, we are planning to improve a system that help not only the account officers but also the students to make enrollment faster and easier which is helpful in to the student as well as to the accounting officers .As of now, there are three (3) manpower in the accounting section and they are still using the manual system. Every semester, account officers are being tortured during enrollment and examination period because of collecting tuition fees, other fees, distributing clearance and permit to the student manually.
Ifugao state University, accounting department are using a manual system, there are three employees. Every semester, they are busy, they need tuition fees from the student. In order to meet deadline, need to schedule a day for enrollment according to how many department the university had. One to three days in every department/colleges to finish process upon paying their fees, student had to form inline and its takes a lot of time to consume during assessment, and then form inline again to the accounting cashier to pay their payments. Another is that all profile of the students were in the cabinet and sometimes because some problems like of lots data/records of students. Lacking of official receipt is another case. There are times that receipt are not enough and in order to accommodate payments, they just ask the student to get back soon because receipt are out of service. In that, the transaction being done during that process get on trouble because is the time that it was not able recorded. In these situations, we the researchers agreed to create a system to help the

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