Sampling Plan

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For a research process the main stage is sampling, which is the process of selecting a subset of population representing the whole. From the chosen sample after the research study result is taken out which is then generalized and generalizability depends upon the nature of result taken out from study and the design of the research.

Concerning to Quantitative data the sampling can be implemented for probability and statistics, and the entire population can be highly represented by the sample while Qualitative data mostly give information about social events and is not probabilistic to represent the other events out of its reach and boundaries. CASE STUDY:

Through this study we plan to describe the existing teacher education provision in Botswana and the way it affects the teaching learning relation for these children. OBJECTIVES OF THE CASE STUDY:

The main objectives of this study are
1.Describing and analyzing the socio-cultural framework of Basarwa children. 2.Refining role of teacher and learner, state, college of education in initial teacher preparation. 3.Redefining and recontextualising education.

The data unit’s attributes are determined by the study of objectives above. Data unit besides being confined to population can be artifacts, events and contexts .School sites can grant restricted information from where the relation of student and teacher can be described and understood somehow.

As we have different sampling methods and strategies for the different nature of data, in this case study Maximum Purposive Sampling Strategy is used due to the heterogeneous nature of data and the wide range of distribution of school in the country. Merriam said about the Maximum Purposive Sampling Strategy that it stresses on a criterion based selection of information rich cases which contain much information good for researcher’s...
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