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Chapter 1
Understanding the Problem

1.1 Introduction

This project is all about constructing the Sales and Inventory System and Database of JB’s Tire Supply. The goal and objective of this project is to make a system the will help the owners and employees in making and performing their task and business effectively and easily. Another is to make their job faster.

Our team is made up of third year students from the College of Information and Communications Technology from Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology. We proposed our system in this business because of its condition; they are making their jobs manually. It consumed lots of times, guts, and energy, that’s why we are determined and inspired in doing the project as soon us possible. Another reason is because one of the owners of the shop is our group mate, Jaybee V. Salonga.

In constructing of this proposed case study we must consider the effectively of the system in the flow of their business and how it can affect the business. We must consider also the owner’s interest, cost, time, availability of the technology and all other necessary factors that may affect the completion of the study. It then must proceed to make an excellent suggestion on the best method to execute the proposed database application.

JB’s tire supply was established by Mr. Ricardo Salonga Sr., who is the father of our group mate Jaybee V. Salonga. Mr. Salonga had knowledge in tire industry and how it is done that’ why he came up with the business. The capital of the business was led by his parents and after some months of working he already paid the debts. Now the business is continuing its operation.

1.2 Analysis

The current situation that JB’s Tire Supply is that they are taking orders manually and personally. They use pieces of papers in taking orders and ordering products from the supplier. It is not advisable because the papers they are using is very easy to misplace. The business also...
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