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Topics: Celebrities, Celebrity, Scientific celebrity Pages: 3 (1258 words) Published: January 20, 2014
“Celebrity Culture has gone too far” Write a speech in which you attempt to persuade an audience that today’s obsession with the lives of the rich and famous has gone too far. Why are we so fascinated by the people who make no impact what-so-ever on our lives? Why do we go mad when some rich and famous person makes headlines in the newspapers and magazines for getting drunk at parties or for breaking up with their new boyfriend or girlfriend? Why do we consider these events as a big deal and try to follow up on all the news about it? Aren’t these so-called celebrities normal ordinary people just like each one of us? However, it is right to say that all of us idolize them, follow their every move, and treat them as modern gods. I can honestly say that there is no one sitting in front of me, who never had an obsession with a celebrity before in their life. Good Afternoon ladies and gentleman, teachers and my fellow students; my name is Sinjumol Sunny and today, I will be talking about how our obsession with celebrity culture has gone too far. Do you think our obsessions are far beyond what they should be? Well, I certainly believe it has crossed its limits a long time ago. We live in a world full of new technologies, which gives us an unlimited access to the tabloids more than ever before. We have televisions, magazines, Internet blogs andsocial networking sites that are filled with enormous amounts of images and news of the world-wide known celebrities. We are at a time where we have more contact with celebrity gossip than we have had ever before. However, we are now faced with a question: what are the effects that these superstars have on us? I strongly believe that celebrities influence fans to be devastatingly thin, to get drunk and be high on drugs and they create a stereotypical image of perfection. Celebrities have become a terrible role model for many young people like us. Figures show that 77% of the peoplein this world believe that celebrities have too...
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