Sample Request for Proposal (RFP) Format

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Sample Request for Proposal (RFP) Format – NITR 2015
RFP – Client request for proposal from vendor.


1) Administrative section
The administrative section contains all of the administrative requirements and information with which a supplier must comply in order to submit an acceptable proposal. (in details)
a. Where and when to submit the proposal
b. Relevant dates for the procurement
a. Deadline for questions
b. Proposals due date and time
c. Evaluation complete date
d. Contract negotiations date
c. Requirements for preparing the proposal and the format of the proposal. This also includes the list of required documents. d. How proposals will be evaluated? Describe here the process and evaluation criteria for vendors.

2) Background and overview
It provides the suppliers with an overview of NIT, Rourkela and a statement of the problem that you hope to resolve with the RFP as well as the overall project goals and objectives. The statement of the problem must be sufficient enough for suppliers to understand both the business issues that are driving the RFP and the technical issues that may have precipitated the problem.

(Must explain why N.I.T want to move from cluster to cloud.) E.g. We are in cluster moving to cloud, they cause these problems then propose solutions.
-NIT background

3) Statement Of Work (SOW)

a. Technical Requirements
a. Critical success factors. How success is for process, product or service measured? b. Current and proposed functional specifications
c. Performance specifications. What are the different hardware, software, network and systems supposed to perform and how does NITR intend measure it? d. Hardware olkiand software requirements
e. Communications Plan requirements
f. Service Level Agreements – for network, hardware, product software, application software, enterprise software and security b. Management Requirements
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