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SAMPLE REPORT: The ‘Stylish’ Report
i) ii) Look at the assignment instructions below Now read the sample report. Read the accompanying comments on the side as you go.

iii) Is this is a well-written report in your view? Could it be improved in any way do you think?

ASSIGNMENT 2: The Stylish Report Background Colin Coif and Pamela Perm are the owners and operators of a hairdressing business Stylish specialising in ‘high end’ quality hairdressing services. Currently they operate two salons in inner Melbourne, one in Carlton and the other in South Melbourne. As a way of expanding their business, the owners are considering opening a new salon in the Prahran area. Your task Prepare a business report for the owners investigating: i) ii) the overall viability of establishing a salon in the Prahran area; and key management and marketing issues that need to be considered in ensuring the success and profitability of any proposed new outlet.

Your report should include analysis of both the Mega and Task environments (see Bartol et al. 2008). You will also need to undertake additional research using a variety of sources (eg. hairdressing industry reports, relevant government regulations and local census data, the Yellow Pages etc.). The report should be approximately 2,500 words in length, excluding the Executive Summary and List of references.

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Executive Summary
Stylish is a hairdressing business that currently owns and operates two hairdressing salons in inner Melbourne. The study investigated whether the opening of an additional salon in the Prahran area is a viable option for the business. The study consisted of an analysis of both the Mega and Task environments, and was based on information collected from a variety of sources: industry research reports, local government reports, and census data. The conclusion drawn from the analysis is that in the present environment the company would benefit from an expansion of its outlets. A number of recommendations are made concerning the establishing of the new proposed operation including, the need to focus on high quality as opposed to low costs services, and to target the younger, male customer base.

Comment [T1]: The EXECUTIVE SUMMARY comes at the beginning of a report. It should normally be quite brief, and provide a short sharp summary of the contents of the whole report. Elements to include are: *BACKGROUND to the study *PURPOSES of the study *METHODS used to conduct the study (eg. the analytical framework, the sources of data used) *The study’s main CONCLUSIONS and RECOMMENDATIONS

Comment [T2]: Note that an IMPERSONAL writing style is used in report writing. You tend not to make reference to yourself even though you are the author of the report. Write: “A number of recommendations are made” (PASSIVE VOICE) NOT “I/ We have made a number of recommendations” (ACTIVE VOICE)

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Table of Contents

Comment [T3]: The TABLE OF CONTENTS should show the structure of the report, especially the relation between sections and sub-sections. Notice how this report is divided into three main sections (Introduction, Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations). The Findings section, which constitutes the body of the report, is then divided into two subsections, and a number of subsubsections.

Executive Summary Table of Contents 1. 2. Introduction Findings 2.1 Mega Environment Economic element Legal/Political element Technological element Socio-cultural/demographic element

3 i 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 6 6 6 7 8 8 8 10

2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.3 2.1.4 2.2

Task Environment Customers and clients Competitors Labour Supply Suppliers Government Agencies

2.2.1 2.2.2 2.2.3 2.2.4 2.2.5 3.

Conclusions and Recommendations



Comment [T4]: You will notice that each of the sections and subsections of the report is carefully NUMBERED (e.g. 2.1;...

References: are listed in alphabetical order, and should provide all relevant details about the sources you have used. You should check the format to be used in the library’s Harvard Style Guide. Note that you should only list those sources that have actually been CITED in the report
Acknowledgement: Thanks to Jacqueline Chow and Robert Karwacki, two Swinburne students, who provided material for this sample report. name and student number Page 10
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