Sample Reflection Assignments

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SAMPLE Reflective Writing Assignments:

COURSE: Going Local: Service-Learning to Link Entrepreneurship, Policy and Science (ASCI 297 and CDAE/NFS/PPS 195/295)

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Schramm

Written assignments are of two types: Reflections and Project Reports.

Reflections: An essential element for student learning in service-learning courses is written and oral reflections on the field study experience, as well as on other elements of the course. To have an experience isn’t enough to ensure learning; you need to intentionally and thoughtfully reflect upon the experience and what you learned from it to ensure that learning occurs. As T.S. Eliot once wrote (The Four Quartets, New York: Harcourt Brace, 1943, p. 24), you can “have the experience but miss the meaning.”

Towards this end there are eight written reflections required in this course. These reflections are intended to help you focus in on what you are learning (or not learning), identify issues or concerns on your mind, explore an idea more deeply, or in other ways enhance your learning about the course topics, yourself, and others.

According to the North Carolina State Service-Learning Program (Reflection and Articulating Learning, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. NC State, 2004) “the best reflection follows a simple three step model: (1) describe the experience(s) objectively, (2) analyze the experience(s) in terms of the categories of service-learning objectives (personal, civic, academic), and (3) articulate (express) the learning that results. We will go over these steps as part of our first reflection exercise.

These reflections should be approximately two pages long (500 words). They will be graded. The best six out of eight grades will be used towards your final grade. Evaluation of reflections will use a set of criteria (rubric) to be distributed and discussed in class.

Project reports: There will be a series of written assignments related to your...
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