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Topics: Sociology, Big Five personality traits, Organization, Psychology, Individualism, Corporate social responsibility / Pages: 5 (793 words) / Published: Apr 17th, 2014

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question by circling the correct answer.

1. In the field of organizational behaviour, organizations are best described as: A. legal entities that must abide by government regulations and pay taxes.
B. physical structures with observable capital equipment.
C. social entities with a publicly stated set of formal goals.
D. groups of people who work interdependently towards some purpose. 2. Which organizational behaviour perspective discusses inputs, outputs and feedback?
A. Mechanistic perspective
B. Open systems perspective
C. Goal-attainment perspective
D. Organizational learning perspective

3. At which level of the organization do we study topics such as change, culture, and structure? A. The individual level
B. The group or department level
C. The organizational level
D. The internal level

4. In terms of performance, what effect does corporate social responsibility have?
A. It reduces profit but increases goodwill
B. It reduces profit and reduces goodwill
C. It has an overall positive effect on performance
D. It is viewed in a cynical fashion by customers

5. The triple bottom line philosophy says that: A. companies should pay three times more attention to profits than to employee wellbeing.
B. the main goal of all companies is to satisfy the needs of three groups: employees, shareholders, and suppliers.
C. companies should pay attention to local, national, and global customers.
D. companies should try to support the economic, social, and environmental spheres of sustainability. 6. Which of the following is an example of knowledge acquisition? A. Surveying employees about their attitudes towards recent corporate changes.
B. Developing a training program for employees to learn the latest software for their jobs.
C. Encouraging employees to share their knowledge with co-workers.

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