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Answer A technical support representative is a person who provides answers to questions from customers regarding use and trouble-shooting of equipment, usually over the phone. It can either be for hardware, software, use or application of different pieces of equipment, from home appliances, to commercial equipment to industrial machinery.CheersMalcolm. Helianthusdd Started The Discussion: 

Below 37 Technical support interview questions samples.
1. Tell me about yourself
2. What are your greatest weaknesses?
3. Why are you leaving this position?
4. What are your career goals for technical support?
5. What experience do you have in technical support field?
6. What have you done to improve your technical support knowledge in the last year? 7. What have you learned from mistakes on technical support job? 8. What is your basic technical experience and qualifications? 9. What technical skills do you possess that would benefit our company? 10. What do you know about our products and company?

11. Have you used any of our products or similar products/competitors? 12. Would you say that you are hands-on type of person?
13. What is your expected period for an average call?
14. Would you be willing to take training or classes to improve your technical skills? 15. What steps do you take for solving a technical problem?
See the remains of list and answers here: Technical support interview questions Ads by Google
Questions & Answers -
Online Tests, Quizzes and Surveys On Various Subjects. Sign Up now! 1. Tell me about yourself. 
Since this is often the opening question in an interview, be extra careful that you don’t run off at the mouth. Keep your answer to a minute or two at most. Cover four topics: early years, education, work history, and recent career experience. Emphasize this last subject. Remember that this is likely to be a warm-up question. Don’t waste your best points on it. 2. What do you know about our organization? 

You should be able to discuss products or services, revenues, reputation, image, goals, problems, management style, people, history and philosophy. But don’t act as if you know everything about the place. Let your answer show that you have taken the time to do some research, but don’t overwhelm the interviewer, and make it clear that you wish to learn more. You might start your answer in this manner: “In my job search, I’ve investigated a number of companies. Yours is one of the few that interests me, for these reasons…” Give your answer a positive tone. Don’t say, “Well, everyone tells me that you’re in all sorts of trouble, and that’s why I’m here”, even if that is why you’re there. 3. Why do you want to work for us? 

The deadliest answer you can give is “Because I like people.” What else would you like-animals? Here, and throughout the interview, a good answer comes from having done your homework so that you can speak in terms of the company’s needs. You might say that your research has shown that the company is doing things you would like to be involved with, and that it’s doing them in ways that greatly interest you. For example, if the organization is known for strong management, your answer should mention that fact and show that you would like to be a part of that team. If the company places a great deal of emphasis on research and development, emphasize the fact that you want to create new things and that you know this is a place in which such activity is encouraged. If the organization stresses financial controls, your answer should mention a reverence for numbers. If you feel that you have to concoct an answer to this question – if, for example, the company stresses research, and you feel that you should mention it even though it really doesn’t interest you- then you probably should not be taking that interview, because you probably shouldn’t be considering a job with that organization. Your homework should include learning enough about the company to avoid approaching...
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