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Proposal Information I. Seminar Information a. General Topic – Communication b. Seminar Title – Effective Communication for Leaders c. Seminar Description – This seminar will, though lecture and discussion and team activities (with debriefs) highlight some key issues concerning communication, both as a leader and as a member of a team. d. Length of Time (e.g. 1.5 or 2.0 hours) – 2 hours Seminar Rationale a. Why is [your topic] important for students to learn? In today‘s fast-paced environment, an effective and adaptable communication style is essential. Attention spans are short and leaders may be asked to interact with a myriad of different personalities in a number of different situations, both personally and professionally. This seminar is designed to inspire critical thought on communication style and choices. b. How does [your topic] relate to leadership development? An effective leader must be able to communicate direction as well as to participate fruitfully within a team. c. Why should students learn about [your topic] in order to develop into an effective leader? Even a cursory study of some of the world‘s most effective leaders points to the incredible value of efficient and motivational communication. Learning Objectives a. What do you hope students will learn about [your topic]? My hope would be that they will learn some effective communication skills as well as the necessity of audience (group and individual) evaluation – to whom are you speaking and how can you best adapt your style to suit their needs? b. List at least 5 short statements, related to [your topic], indicating what information/concepts/skills students should be able to take away from your seminar. - Interpersonal Gap and the Awareness Wheel -One-on-one, active listening -Communication within a team -Communication skills and styles (or, different strokes for different folks!) -Know your audience (when rehearsal leads to impromptu) c. How will the learning objectives be achieved? 1. Problem-based learning (i.e. students given situations, scenarios, problems and have to solve them using the learning objective outlined above) 2. Group learning/activities (i.e. students experiencing handson activities to demonstrate learning objectives)



3. Lecture/Discussion (i.e. 90 minutes of lecture and discussion…we try to steer away from this model) The seminar will include a combination of lecture and discussion, as well as three activities (a listening/following directions exercise, a group goal exercise, and communication style exercise) that will then be debriefed and discussed. IV. Activities a. Will you coordinate an ice breaker activity at the beginning of the seminar to get your audience interacting and engaging with each other? Yes! In keeping with the theme of the seminar, I will ask students to break up into pairs and chat for a few minutes, then I will ask them to introduce their partners and say a few things about them. I may also engage the students in a game of ―Two Truths and a Lie‖ b. Will you implement hands-on activities to demonstrate learning objectives and/or seminar focus/rationale? Yes, I plan on possibly three activities – Blindfolded shoe-tying (directions and listening), Helium stick (communication within a group), and Cocktail Party (different communication styles). c. Will you utilize multi-media (i.e. film discussion, music, current events, etc.) to deliver the content of your seminar? I will use a YouTube clip or two, as well as references to (both sides) of the debates in the last election. d. Will you need additional materials/resources to carry out your planned activities? I would like to be able to show clips on an overhead projector and to use PowerPoint slides, so hook-up to a projector would be necessary! Instructional Support and Assistance a. What type of AV support will you need for your seminar (i.e. laptop, projector, sound system, DVD/VHS player, overhead projector, etc.)? I can...
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