Sample Personal Statement

Topics: Science, Understanding, Sociology Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Personal Statement
As my A-level choices indicate, I am hugely passionate about science. I have a huge interest in evolution and I’m completely fascinated by its sheer complexity. Ever since childhood I have always been interested in Life. How we live, evolve and adapt to new environment, it evokes a huge amount of curiosity every time I see new knowledge to be gained about our being. The work of a radiographer inspires me a lot. I am very enthusiastic about technology and my passion for I.T makes this the perfect profession for me. I consider myself capable of taking this field as a profession and excel because of my passion for it. This profession highly appeals to me; I am very motivated to take it up as a career opportunity. I have been performing well in my A level so far and plan to maintain As in Chemistry, Physics, Computer and Biology. Along with that I’ve also been studying Chinese due my love of the culture, I’m doing a diploma in I.T that focuses on application of technology in health sciences and I am a devoted social worker, working for many NGOs and welfare societies. I’ve been an excellent athlete throughout my life and have led my college football team numerous times. I understand the field and am very enthusiastic about it, so I find it beneficial to pursuit a specialization in it. I feel I have the necessary understanding, qualification, knowledge and personal drive to take up this science; it’s the best choice for me.
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