Sample Performance Appraisal

Topics: Management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Team performance management Pages: 4 (618 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Name: _____________________________
Date: ______________________________
Department: ________________________
Job Title: ___________________________
Annual Review Date: _________________
Date of Last Review: _________________
Reviewer: __________________________
Please check the box that best describes the employee’s performance in the following areas: Definitions:
Exceptional/Consistently Exceeds Requirements: Employee regularly made exceptional contributions that had a significant and positive impact on the performance of the department. Employee has mastered all job related skills and possesses a broad range of capabilities. Employee provides a model for excellence and helps others to do their jobs better. Frequently Exceeds Requirements: Employee frequently exceeded all performance expectations/objectives. Employee is highly skilled in all aspects of the job. Consistently Meets Requirements: Employee consistently met all expectations/objectives and occasionally exceeded some. Is fully qualified in all aspects of the job. Sometimes Fails to Meet Requirements: Employee has not consistently met all of the job requirements and/or expectations and occasionally demonstrated unsatisfactory behaviors/results. May have the ability to perform most aspects of the job but may lack some knowledge/skills to perform others. Needs Immediate Improvement: Employee frequently performs in an unsatisfactory manner and requires a performance improvement plan. Attitude (In general, towards coworkers, towards job)

_____ Exceptional/Consistently Exceeds Requirements
_____ Frequently Exceeds Requirements
_____ Consistently Meets Requirements
_____ Sometimes Fails to Meet Requirements
_____ Needs Immediate Improvement
Attendance (Unplanned absences/tardiness: Exceptional = 0 times, Frequently Exceeds = 1-3 times, Meets = 4-6 times, Needs Improvement = >6 times) _____ Exceptional/Consistently Exceeds Requirements

_____ Frequently Exceeds Requirements
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