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PROGRAM APPLIED: M.S.Health Care Management
Learning is always my greatest passion, and my professional dream is to be a great leader in health field. I am an individual who always seeks to challenge my abilities while striving to reach higher goals. Goals will not progress by simply thinking about them; action generates success, when creating goals, find ways to make them happen. The heartfelt desire for my goal to become an administrative leader is behind my application to the MBA-Health Administration Program. I am interested in expanding my professional horizons by seeking new challenges in the area of administration. A Master's Degree will provide me with theoretical understanding, an in depth idea of empirical approaches in helping administrative decision-making and research skills to enable me to develop an expertise in the core areas of administrative strategies. I look forward to learning how to become an excellent administrator and acquiring a sophisticated understanding of how to become a leader in the health field. I m very excited about the prospect of becoming highly familiar with state and county health laws and issues that will prepare me to be a distinguished leader working with related governmental centres. MY SCHOOLING:

I was exposed to the field of medicine & social work at a very early age in school and became fascinated. I obtained a solid grounding in Biological sciences during my early school years and during preparation for Engineering Agriculture & Medical common entrance Test in India. My schooling and further study have really shaped my thought process and attitude towards education. I did my schooling in TRINITY Model High School, an institute known for high quality of education. This experience has infused in me a keen sense of analytical reasoning and scientific temperament that I still nurture. From my childhood I had a strong...
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