Sample of Narative Report for Ojts

Topics: Meaning of life, Human, 2009 albums Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: January 12, 2013
“Move with the Times”
Good morning Ma’am/Sir. Good morning Classmates.
Before I start my speech im asking for your behavior to listen my speech clearly so that you will realize how it is important to move with the time.
Time in deed is very precious. It is valuable. Some even say that only time is capable of understanding haw valuable love is. Time is like a chance, once gone; it can never be taken back. And there no person ever recorded, even history neither to have controlled or hold time nor to take back. This is how precious time is. Time quickly passes by its like wind. We don’t notice it if we’re not attentive. Sometimes it’s so fast sometimes it’s so slow. As it goes on, changes concur. New breed of modern technology arises. The modern technologies requires us to move with the time. To fit in with the flow of life. To dwell with “uso” stuff as some people may refer to call it. To live more convenient, more safe, and more people. To make many people live with glitz and glamour. To make people. To loosen the heavy burden of riches. To make many people forget civilization which is to take good care and protect humanity and to work each other. These are some positive and somehow negative impact to humanity with regards to moving or living with times. We, humans tend to loose our morality and dignity as human because of such attractive and dangerous trend brought by moving with the times. Why dangerous? Simply because of the people that need more wealth and glamour they might do bad and immoral acts for them to achieve what they ever wanted. This is the most dangerous effect of moving with the times. This can and might destroy morality which is of course not in accordance with our Roman Catholic teachings. Where to take it from here my dear friend. Moving or living with the time is not that bad if we will stop acts of brutality and cruelty just for us to achieve more...
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