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Summary of Conclusion for Feasibility Study of Snack Stand
July 15, 2010, 1:11 am
Marketing Aspects
1. The Snack stand will be very much positive in offering a lot of services to satisfy customers needs, accept suggestion and criticisms to improve our business 2. Snack stand will utilize with honesty and credibility thru our products and services. 3. Snack stand will be always “open-minded” to those other competitors and will seek only the best. Technical Aspect

1. The final location of the business will be at the Common Terminal, Balanga City, Bataan. 2. Raw materials will be obtained during its freshness and nearness to the source which is Elizabeth Supermarket in Balanga City itself. 3. The management will provide cleanliness of the stall, especially the food for satisfaction of customers. Management Aspect

1. The best organizational structure to adopt in the same manner communication will be facilitated from the top to bottom and from the bottom to the top. 2. The democratic atmosphere will always prevail in the business to ensure hormones interpersonal relationship between management and personnel. 3. The Snack stand will develop the service activity to satisfy the need of the customer. Socio-Economic Aspect

1. The Snack stand will be very much responsible in promoting environmental, clean air act and proper waste disposal. 2. Taxes assured for the city government.
3. The partner’s will make sure of the observance and God-fearing to all of them. Financial Aspect
1. The amount of fifty thousand pesos (Php50,000.00) is substantially enough to put up the proposed project Snack stand. 2. Based on the projections as depicted by the financial statements, the proposed project is a kind of lucrative undertaking. 3. The proponent of the project will be responsible in producing the capital requirement. Prepared by: Arde Reyes

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Management Aspect Feasibility Study for Snack Stand
June 15, 2010, 8:32 am
The central idea of management is to make every action or decision help achieve a careful chosen goal. The word management is also used to mean the group of persons called executives who perform management activities. Objectives

1. To keep the subordinates be alert to what is expected to them. 2. To know the duties and responsibilities of each member and personnel. 3. To know different strategies to be able to achieve the company’s goal. Description of Activities

1. DTI Permit Application
The business name of GF Snack Stand should be register with the Department of Trade and Industry. It would take only four days to five days before the permit is receive. If there as no other name of its type. Three (3) different name should be apply so when one is approved, so they can use other applied business name (see appendix) 2. Rental Space

The project business will be located at Bataan terminal at 2nd floor Ibayo, Balanga City, Bataan. The application will only about three to four weeks before it is approved. 3. Mayor’s Permit
The Mayor’s Permit application will acquire the submission of the following: a. SSS Clearance Permit
b. Sanitary Permit
c. DTI
4. TAN (Tax Account Number)
The project business will be registered at the Bureau of Internal Revenue District Office No. (1020) located at Capitol drive, San Jose, Balanga City. The following forms should be accomplished with necessary attachments. BIR FORM No. Attachment Required, Mayor’s Permit and DTI Permit 5. Buying of machineries and equipment

Involves the acquisition of the necessary machinery and equipment in the food snack as mentioned in technical aspect. 6. Promotion
Includes advertising and personal selling partnership in a variety of promotional activities to inform customer about products...
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