Sample of Chapter I of Our Case Study in the Subject System Analysis and Design

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Chapter I
People around the world have been using computers for a long period of time and entrepreneurs saw the potential of putting up a place where customers can acquire computer related and internet services hence known as an internet café or also known as a computer shop. The service rendered is calculated by the time used by the customer on the computer then the manager estimates the expenditures manually and then the bill is given to the costumer. The demand for a software capable of automatically estimating the expenditures of the costumer was solved and the café management software was introduced. Almost all of the computer shops, nowadays, acquire such software to lessen the human effort and give more satisfaction to customers.

Background of the Study
Any business has to start somewhere small and this shop is one of them, first, it was just a single unit, then few weeks came by, and the units of computer started to increase but not just that there was also an increase in customers. This business started on 2007 and until now there operating ten of their computer units.

In the study of Proposed Management System for ARPER-J Internet Café, it will provide a framework for understanding some data manipulation through software, current networks and software to support future transaction needs for ARPER-J Internet Café. Objectives are generally to improve efficiency and effectiveness and to save costs. The study helps with managing the customers and employees, controlling computers and covers the accounting and billing. It greatly simplifies running the Internet Cafe. And will make life easier for Internet cafe owners, operators and there will be improvement in the quality and speed of services.

Statement of the Problem
Main Problem:
The main problem is their manual operation is currently being used.

Specific Problem:
The billing of the customer’s expenditure takes too much time because they manually compute the amount of...
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