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Business Enterprise 1-BUSM 2368

Business Plan
Aloha BBQ Restaurant

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Executive Summary
Aloha Barbeque Restaurant is operated on December 2007 and located at District 7. The main product of this restaurant is Hawaiian barbeque such as Shish Kabob, Kalua Pig as well as cocktails and others foods. Target customers of Aloha are middle and upper middle class, whose ages from 20 to 50 and like eating outside. Under the supports from government, the food industry is growing rapidly in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Although there is high competition in this environment, there are three reasons for investing in this field. Firstly, the habit of Vietnamese people is going out to eat at the busy places with friends or relatives. Secondly, based on the statistic of consumer lifestyle report, the spending for food has a highest rate compare with education and health care. Finally, people prefer to eating outside rather than cooking their own meals at home in order to save their time.

As the result of these conditions, we will offer a high-quality product and service at a moderately price. To add more value for the restaurant, we promise to keep the original Hawaiian taste for product. Furthermore, we will make some differentiation in our services such as warm welcome with “Lei”, free Hawaiian dance and music performance, learning Hawaiian language as well as all-in service packages. Competitors target consumers whose purpose is only eating. We target who love new taste dining experience and enjoyment of special services.

The total market size for BBQ products is estimated about 90 billion VND in previous years. For the first year of the operation, Aloha BBQ Restaurant tries to sell about 120,000 meals and around 60,000 cocktails, about 1.4 billions VND which contributed nearly 2% of market share. The restaurant’s break-even volume is 50,000 dishes. The gross margin of Aloha is predicted to be from 50 to 58 percent which is due to the recent increase in raw meats cost. The operation cycle is quite short within 1 day cash conversion and it is calculated base on the schedule of payment.

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