Sample of Apology Letter

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May 3, 2013


Dear Ma’am/Sir:

Good day!

I am writing this letter to explain myself to you why I fail to attend the first meeting of our class. The reasons are as follows:

1.APRIL 13, 2013. That I haven’t started my internship yet for that week (2nd week of April; April 8 to 12, 2013), and still looking for a construction company that is willing to accept me. I assumed that, on the condition I was into, cannot pass any requirements that you are seeking from us. Thus, I decided not to attend the first meeting of our class.

2.APRIL 27, 2013. That I arrived first among the class, and was aware you noted by your authority that I was in the first count. As we waited for your call, I ran into a computer rental shop to have the certification of my grades be printed. And by the time I went back inside the campus, I learned that the roll call had started. So I went to the faculty room right away and waited for my turn, considered the sequence you have assigned to me was nullified because of my tardiness. While listening to the discussion of yours and one of my classmates, I heard that you are expecting a lot from us, especially from our daily and weekly reports and other requirements. The problem is, my mentor hasn’t signed my Certification of Acceptance and my Daily Log Reports, as well as her comments still lack on my Weekly Log Report for that week (4th week of April; April 23 to 26, 2013) as it was my first four days to work as an intern in the project site. To evade myself getting you frustrated and upset, I chose not to pass the existing and lacking requirements of mine, having only the Medical Certificate, Certification of Grades, and my mentor’s PRC ID and PTR receipt. With these reasons, I am hopeful that you will accept my explanation and will have a kind consideration with this matter. Duly signed by myself, my parent, the Chairperson and the Dean of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts, this letter is composed together with my...
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