Sample Methodology for Laser Light Activated Alarm

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Sampling Pages: 2 (272 words) Published: January 5, 2015

Methodology can be described as the framework associated with a particular set of paradigmatic assumptions that can be used to conduct research. (O’Leary, 2004:85).

Research Design
The researchers used quantitative research design which is an objective, and a systematic process for obtaining information about the laser light activated alarm. The researches used this kind of research design to test past theories about the efficiency, effectivity and usefulness of the laser light activated alarm.

Determination of sample size
The researchers had a total of 20 respondents, consisting of 4 respondents from different sections which are all in 4th Year High School Department of La Consolacion College- Caloocan.

Sampling Design and Technique
Random Sampling was used as a sampling design technique wherein the researchers did not set standard or criteria upon choosing respondents. In this technique, each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected as subject regardless of their gender.

Data Gathering Technique
The data for this research were collected using a survey questionnaire. The survey was created using suitable questions modified from related research and individual questions formed by the researcher. This will help the researchers to assess the consumer's opinions on purchasing different types of security alarms with its pros and cons.

Data Processing Technique
The questionnaires were collected after it was completed. Then, it was tallied by the researchers accordingly and examined based on the number of results. Data survey results and respondent feedback of all survey questions indicated that _____________ were more cost effective, more efficient to use, had quicker response rates, and more reliable. The results were arranged unbiased by the researchers according greater responses rates.
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