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Topics: Problem solving, Chief executive officer, Existence Pages: 3 (429 words) Published: June 8, 2010

To: Mary Chan, Chief Executive Officer

From: James Wong, General Manager

Date:1 April 2010

Subject: Solutions on recent complaints


Our MP4 products have been publicly released for several months with good responses until recently an increasing number of complaints is noted on their serious defects. Moreover, there exists a decline in customer satisfaction with our frontline staff’s services. These two components have seriously damaged our company’s reputation and needed prompt and proper solutions.


There was a meeting between managers of different departments (William Ng, Kin Ho, Ryan Yau & James Wong) at 26 March. This memo serves to report what have been discussed in the meeting and the recommendations that would likely to be implemented.


There exist serious defect problems for our MP4 products (Flash 2000). Some customers complain that our MP4s have scratches appearing on them. In addition, lagging problems exist while customers navigated through the MP4 menus. Besides, our staff’s services are deemed to be unsatisfactory. It is reported that the attitudes of our front-line staffs are found to be impolite and unhelpful in handling customers’ enquiries.

Meeting Outcomes

We have identified possible reasons for the problems and suggested corresponding recommendations to each problem. A period of two weeks is given for all departments to prioritize, tackle and follow up our utmost matters and other possible issues. After which, a brief evaluation will be done.


The following is a summary of the recommendations we would like to make:

(1) Cease and hold the orders of MP4s: holding the orders of MP4 supplies is our prioritized concern while awaiting further instructions from the audit reports on the lagging problem. If the problem persists, we will consider selecting another supplier from our approved vendor list to assure our products possessing the best...
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