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Oatie oats pastries

A Marketing Plan
presented to:
Prof. Enrico Cardones

in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for
New Market Development

Presented by:

Reisie g. capatan

March 2012

I. Executive Summary

The venture that we are about to put up will be called “Oatie – Oats Pastries”. It will be offering cakes and pastries that are healthy and guilt-free as it made with fresh and high quality ingredients.

The main goals of the business are as follows:

1. To encourage people in trying a new and healthy way of sweet indulgence

2. To be able to reach its goal of habing an income of 10,000 – 15,000 php monthly

3. To be establish long run venture

4. To establish a new way of fulfilling one’s desire of having a dessert without any guilt and to all those that is health conscious, we will change their point of view of consuming sweets.



II. Situation Analysis


The proposed business, Oatie – Oats Pastries, is in the early stages of development. Oatie – Oats pastries will be a specialty bakeshop, focused on providing organic, healthy and sugar-free baked goods to the community. It is expected that the majority of revenue will be derived from ordered purchases. Oatie - Oats pastries competes in a sub market of the baked goods, desserts and health food industries. Competition will range from large local bakeshops, to smaller independent bakeshop in the community. Oatie – Oats pastries will be able to set itself apart by offering high quality ingredients and exceptional flavor. Since Oatie – Oats pastries will be able to differentiate itself from its competitor, it will not be forced to rely on low cost pricing. This will enable the bakeshop to maintain a decent profit margin in a growing industry despite the competition. The product and service that the venture will offer to the customers is just for the amount of money they will spend. As the operation goes on, we will establish the name of the business and be competitive to the market and try to persuade customers to make the business profitable.

Marketing Mix

As the business tool used in marketing products, this is the most crucial part when determining a product’s unique selling point. This is a planned controllable element of a products marketing plan.


One of the good things that have come to our modern setting is that a lot of services are more available nowadays such as those available online. At this point our product needs to be able to meet the specific existing marketing demand.


Oatie – Oats pastries’ pricing structure is on the high-end of the mainstream baked goods spectrum. However, the quality of the products is superior to mainstream Pastry Shop products, so consumers will most likely recognize prices as appropriate consumers will be led to believe they are receiving a high quality product.


Since the venture is a small enterprise that has a low cost fund, the venture will be available for orders via Internet only. However, after the profit has reached its target and the fund will be suitable for opening an outlet, Oatie – Oats Pastries will have an outlet store after a year as presumed by the proprietor. PROMOTION

Oatie – Oats pastries needs to build local brand awareness in the beginning of the business, unpaid endorsements result in higher credibility than advertisements, so it might be beneficial to invest in a public relations campaign seeking local media placements. Another option for increasing brand awareness is participation in local festivals and fairs. Oatie – Oats pastries could expose itself to a huge number of potential customers by setting up a booth at festivals and fairs with a sampling of the product line for tasting and for sale....
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