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Sample Lesson Plan

By piyangs Aug 22, 2013 474 Words
Pia Elaine C. Niango

I. Objectives

The pupils should be able to:

1. Read a playlet;
2. Use personal pronouns – I, you, he, she, it, they, we 3. Name the personal pronouns in sentences;
4. Supply the appropriate pronouns in sentences;
5. Describe pictures by using pronouns;
6. Note details by answering Who, Where, and What questions; Values: Exhibit love and care for little sister or brother in the family.

II. Subject Matter

The Baby Comes Home
Personal Pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, they, we)
My World of English 1 – Language and Reading, pp. 82-88

III. Procedure

A. Preparation

a. Review

Recall previous lesson by asking the pupils the meaning of noun and give some examples of it.

b. Motivation

The teacher shows puppets. Name them and tell something about them to introduce personal pronouns - I, you, he, she, it, they, and we.

c. Drill

Call on five pupils to act-out the playlet on pp. 82-84 while others would read or follow with their eyes.

B. Lesson Proper

After reading the playlet, discuss the questions under Noting Details on p. 85. After this, ask pupils to turn their books to p. 85 and discuss with them the pronoun and its classification – personal pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, they, and we. On p. 86, go over the reminders about using singular and plural pronouns.

C. Generalization
Ask the pupils to work on Exercise 1, p. 87. This maybe done orally or otherwise.

D. Application
Teacher guides pupils in doing this activity.
Teacher says: “Look at the pictures. Ask question and answer it by picking out the pronoun for the underlined noun/nouns.” 1. This is Father.
Where does Father go?
(He, She, It) ________
2. This is mother.
What does mother do?
(He, She, It) _______
3. This is muning
What does muning do?
(He, She, It) _______
4. Pilar, Jose, and I go to school.
Where will Pilar, Jose, and I go?
(They, We, You) ______
5. Jay, Jeff, and John pray.
What do Jay, Jeff and John do?
(We, they, you) ________

IV. Evaluation

Teacher prepares the following pictures, puts them on the board and writes the following sentences. The teacher asks the pupil to go to the board and underline the pronoun for the underlined noun.

Teacher teaching

1. Mrs. Julieta Abalos teaches well.
(He, She, It)

Pupil planting a tree

2. The pupil plants a tree.
(he, it day)

Principal reads

3. Mr. Bayani reads the news paper.
(He, she, it)

4. A girl watering a plant
Lita waters the plant.
(He, she, it)

5. Boys pray
The boys pray.
(They, you, I)

Enrichment Activity
On pp. 87-88, direct pupils’ attention to Exercise 2 & 3. These exercises maybe done orally or otherwise.

V. Assignment
Describe your family using personal pronouns.

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