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Topics: Capital gain, Capital gains tax, Long-Term Capital Management Pages: 11 (2596 words) Published: July 3, 2010
INDIAN INCOME TAX RETURN A.Y.2010-2011 [For Individuals and HUFs not having Income from Business or profession] (Please see Rule 12 of the Income-tax Rules,1962) ____________________________________________________________

First name Middle name Last name PAN Nikita Sharma ABCDE1234F Flat/Door/Block No. D-5 Name of Premises/Building/Village DEL Colony Road/Street/Lane/Post Office Jalahalli Area/Locality/Taluka/Sub Division Town/City/District Bangalore

State/Union Territory KARNATAKA Pin Code 540013 Status [√] Individual [ ] HUF Date of Birth 07/10/1987
Employer Category [ ] Govt [ ] PSU [√] Others Sex [ ] Male [√] Female email address (STD)-Phone No ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILING STATUS

Designation of Assessing Officer (Ward/Circle) Return filed under Section [ 11 ]
Whether Original or Revised Return ? [√] Original [ ] Revised If revised enter, Receipt No. & dt. of filing original return. / / Residential Status [√] Resident [ ] Non-Resident [ ] Resident but Not Ordinarily Resident Whether this return is being filed by a representative assessee? If yes, please furnish following information -[ ] Yes [√] No (a) Name of the representative

(b) Address of the representative
(c) Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the representative
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part B - TI Computation of total income
1 Salaries (6 fo Sch. S) [1] 144000 2 Income from house property (3c of Schedule HP)(nil if loss) [2] 196900 3 Capital gains
a) Short Term
i) Short-term (u/s 111A)(nil if loss)A5-Sch CG[3ai] NIL ii) Short-term (others) (A6 of Schedule CG) [3aii] 275000 iii) Total Short-Term (3ai + 3aii) [3aiii] 275000 b) Long-term (B5 of Schedule CG) (nil if loss) [3b] NIL c) Total capital gains (3aiii + 3b) (Take adjusted[3c] 275000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (space for Bar Code ) For Office Use Only Seal & Signature of Receiving officer

Receipt No.

4 Income from other sources
a) from sources other than from owning race [4a] NIL horses and Winning from Lottery
(3 of Schedule OS)(enter nil if loss)
b) from owning race horses (4c of Schedule OS) [4b] NIL c) Total (a + b) (enter nil if 4c is a loss) [4c] NIL 5 Total (1+2+3c+4c) [5] 615900 6 Losses of current year set off against 5 [6] NIL (total of 2vi and 3vi of Schedule CYLA)

7 Balance after set off current year losses (5-6) [7] 615900 (also total of column 4 of Schedule CYLA)
8 Brought forward losses set off against 7 [8] NIL (2vi of Schedule BFLA)
9 Gross Total income(7-8)(also 3vii of Schedule BFLA) [ 9] 615900 10 Deductions under Chapter VI-A (n of Schedule VIA) [10] 95000 11 Total income ( 9-10) [11] 520900 12 Net agricultural income/ any other income for rate purpose [12] NIL...
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