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Sample Inventory Documentation

By trishdare17 Mar 22, 2011 565 Words
IC Inventory System IC Inventory System is an on-line system made for Usep-Institute of Computing to process of listing supplies and materials with description, quantity and value of each. History The Institute of Computing is committed towards the growth of Southern Philippines by developing Information Technology professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and new technologies. During its initial implementation last June 26, 1997, the Institute came-up with a plan to prepare the University as a Nodal Training Center in Region XI. Consequently, it grew so smooth because of the support given by the neighboring state universities and colleges. In June 1998, a degree program "BS in Computer Science" was offered to cater the growing demand of the students to study in the field of Information Technology. It also started a program "MS in Information Science" last S.Y. 1999-2000, and a program "BS in Information Technology" was also implemented in SY 2001-2002. There is also an evening program that accepts working students who are willing to study at night. Mission &Vision

"The Institute of Computing is Committed to be in the forefront of technological advancement and ethical practices in Research, Instruction, Extension and Production." Vision
"A dynamic and Balanced Leader in Information and Communication Technology Innovations."


LC Pc Net Sales and Inventory System

A Case Study Presented

To The Dean and Faculty

Of Department of Computer Studies



In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirement in the Subject

System Analysis & Design

Irish R. Banayat

Ana Luna Loberio

Jasper Amiel R. Magnaye

Mhelieza R. Magnaye

October 2010

Background of the Study
Technology has taken a big leap forward in 21st century, with computer programs, electronics upgrading by the month & even by the day. Technology has influenced & greatly simplified almost in every aspect of a student’s life today. It is amazing what technology has done to our society and how dependent we have become on it. Having computers in the workplace has enable the business to our more efficiently and has contributed in having on all around Is this Essay helpful? Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 350,000 just like it! get better grades

better businesses, using computers cut down our work time, we don’t have to write everything out by hands or type out on typewriters. This increase in usage of computer proves that computers have affected every aspect of our lives and have become one of the necessities. Many developers have contributed to such an advancement and widespread of computer technology. Nowadays there are so many companies using technical system to improve the quality of service of their company, but there are some companies still using manual computing for their product inventory like LC Pc Net Sales & Services. LC Pc Net Sales & Services is owned by Mr. Leo Boongaling. It is established on April 2010. It is the first company that he built in order to apply his knowledge and skills in his past schooling, together with his friends as employee. And it is located at 2nd floor L. Boongaling Commercial Complex # 2 Rizal Street Poblacion Candelaria, Quezon. Their products are such peripherals. And in the ground floor they have Louis and Nathalie Computer Shop. They also have...

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