Sample Interview Paper
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Sample Interview Paper: Intercultural Communication Matthew is a senior at UNC who is studying business. He is twenty-three years old and was born in America. So what ties Matt to a specific culture? From the ages of 6-13 he was a resident of Quito, Ecuador, a country in South America. Studies have shown that significant growth takes place in early-mid childhood, and as Matt was growing up and developing his identity, he was embracing the culture specific to Ecuador. Matt and his family traveled to Ecuador to complete missionary work with Compassion International, therefore embracing the Christian religion, while adapting his lifestyle to both Spanish and English customs. Through a detailed interview Matt was able to provide information specific to Ecuador’s cultural values, traditions, and ways of life.

Interview Summary
Interview Questions and responses are as follows with responses in italics: How would you describe a typical family?

Usually about 5-6 people; Common to have 4-5 children A lot of couples are not married, not enough money to get married very family oriented – extended family stays close, sometimes under same roof A lot of student’s can’t afford to move away from their families.

What are the common roles within the family system? Wife- domestic responsibilities as well as caring for the family Husband- work during the day-go out at night (on the town-drinking) Children-Help around house, work as soon as they are able (usually beginning around age 12), if lucky they are able to attend school

What are the gender roles? (both in the home and in general)? Men have a much higher status. They are the leader of the household and make all of the ‘family’ decisions
Women are granted very little respect. They usually do not work outside the home and their opinions are usually not validated.

What are the

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