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Entertainment Management


Date:May 4, 2014

To:Katharine Sentz

From:Group 1

Subject:Entertainment Manager Occupation

How to Become One?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to achieve most positions in promotions, advertising, and management within the field of entertainment. The BLS also recommends courses that focus on business law, management, economics, finance, or accounting to be the most relevant courses in the field. Some universities offer business concentrations for entertainment management, such as California State University of Fullerton, and University of California, Los Angeles. The concentrations typically possess core courses, such as Entertainment Money Management, Entertainment Business, Entertainment Law, Entertainment Operations, and Tourism Management (Fraser & Tarantino, 2010). Most of these courses are very similar to their general management and marketing counterparts, but with an emphasis in either the media side or hospitality side of the entertainment industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not give any recommendations on graduate-level education for becoming an entertainment manager; however, if an individual wishes to attain a higher executive-level position, the BLS recommends a Master in Business Administration degree. Another viable path is to earn a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in business law, with emphasis in entertainment and copyright laws. However, regardless of education level, most firms promote top level executives from within their pool of veteran managers. Attaining sufficient experience in the field of talent management is a viable way to be promoted to an executive within the firm, or get hired as an executive by an outside firm.

What It Pays?

As of May of 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the mean salary for entertainment managers was $96,410 annually, while daily wages averaging at $46.35 per...
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