Sample Forensic Speech Outline

Topics: Infection, Infectious disease, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Name: Sample McStudent

COMM1100—Forensic Speech: Defending the CDC—Spring 2015

I. Introduction
A. [Attention Gaining Device] Most of you here have probably heard about the recent outbreak of Ebola, a disease that causes hemorrhages, bleeding, and ultimately death, in Africa. What you may not know is that the disease has claimed over 720 lives just in the first two months of the outbreak, according to Alice Park’s 2014 TIME Magazine article. And this pathogenic killer is closer to home than you may think. B. [Reveal Topic and Relate to Audience] The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, an Atlanta-based health organization, recently transported a doctor infected with Ebola from Africa to Emory hospital, conveniently located only a few blocks away from the CDC headquarters. While people are expected to trust such an important organization’s decisions, many are worried about the transportation of such a dangerous disease to Atlanta. C. [Establish Credibility] I myself am a pharmaceutical sciences major, so I am very interested in diseases and how they spread, making this controversy especially appealing to me. D. [Thesis and Preview of Main Points] I am here today, despite many opposing opinions on the matter, to defend the CDC in its decision to bring Ebola patients to Atlanta for studying and treatment. I will present my argument by first stating the facts about the controversy surrounding this decision, then explaining some key arguments, and finally refuting a common argument of the opposition. [Transition] Let me begin by giving you all some background information. II. Body

A. [Statement of the Facts] After bringing the infected doctor back to America in early August, the CDC insisted that Americans were completely safe from the disease and they are planning on transporting more patients in the near future. Despite their assertions, however, Ray Henry and Mike Stobbe note in their 2014 Associated Press article that the organization received...

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