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English has always been one of my favorite subjects. Writing is a stress reliever for me and it helps me vent. I was glad when I found out I was in a writing class and my expectations were very much met. The class itself was easy yet informative; the teacher has a good way of getting the material across. The work was partnered up well with our books and it helped out a lot for our research papers.

The class had three books used for help and we mostly used two of them. The two books were very helpful and had good examples in both. I’m glad that if we missed anything in class the book went along with what we were learning to help us all learn more material. The College Success book had a lot of very good and insightful essays. All of the essays were good examples for how to conduct our own writings. Once our own papers were finished, I liked getting feedback from other classmates. Peer editing for other students helps me understand what to fix on my work with this work sheets they fill out; I always take their thoughts into consideration.

Our class work and homework were both merged together with the essays. I felt like working on something at home on your own wouldn’t have been enough to learn more on how to make your essay better. Making our homework class work helped realize what would need to be fixed or corrected. A lot of the correction and problems needed to be fixed were punctuation, grammar and proper format. I had just learned about MLA 7 this semester, but the example in our syllabus was very helpful. Other than keeping the proper format, grammar and punctuation were all reviews from middle school and some of high school. Punctuation is tricky for some people because they continue to make a run-on sentence. If you read the sentence out loud, like Ms. xxxxx requested us to do, it is much more helpful to find where a break is needed.

The few first weeks of class were warm ups and review for help with our research papers. I have made research...
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