Sample Enrolment System

Topics: Immaculate Conception, Design, Database transaction Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: September 1, 2011
Background of the Study
General Objectives
To create a system that will improve the Immaculate Concepcion Parish Learning Center’s manual enrollment system and the activities associated with it. Specific Objectives
1.To make the storage and retrieval of data per transaction easier. 2.To make the transaction faster than manual process.
3.To have easier access on individual profile of students.
4.To generate individual and class schedule.
5.To have easier and faster retrieval of billing statement. Statement of the Problem
ICPLC, in their years of service, uses traditional method in enrollment transactions. Because of the problems they are encountering, change is really needed to implement with the help of modern technology. Here are the lists of problems within the school: •The enrollment department manually records the students’ data, thus, errors usually occur. •The manual system requires too much time and effort in keeping and organizing all the files per transactions. •Inaccessibility of the data when needed immediately.

Incorrect manual computations of school fees, thus, resulting to slow issuance of receipts. Significance of the Study
This system was designed for the purpose of providing more accurate personal and financial information about the students. It was also designed to make day to day transactions more convenient to both students and enrolling officers and other concerned persons.

The system ensures the reliability, availability and security of significant data since it requires password to the user. It will replace the manual system of enrollment that takes longer time to organize the information properly. Scope and Limitation of the Study

This system deals with the recording of the basic information of students who are to enroll and to re-enroll in the ICPLC institution as well as with the fees each student will pay. This system will also provide the numbers of students enrolled from kinder to elementary grade per...
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