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What is Unica campaign?
Campaign is a communication suite that allows highly specific targeted offers to be presented to customers via outbound channels. • Reduce campaign cycle time and time-to-market and increase campaign volumes. • Reduce costs of marketing campaigns.

Improve response rates and business results by increasing the precision of campaign targeting. • Deepen customer relationships, loyalty and lifetime value. • Enable cross-channel marketing by using centralized decisioning.

Above is an example of one of the flowcharts exist in a particular campaign. In first level two Select processes select the customers in Gold, Platinum package and a third process contains the list of customers who are to be opted out of marketing campaigns.

Next, a Merge process combines customers in Gold and Platinum segments exclude the ones who are opted out.

In the third layer a Segment process segments all the customers (identified by Merge process) in value tiers based on their points (or scores).

Finally, the customers with highest value will output by Call List process to the list which will be used to directly contact the customers by phone with the offer. The customers with medium-value will output by Mail List process in order to send a direct email with the offer. The remaining customers will receive the office via email.

It is useful as it enables
Multiple data source inputs from multiple data types at once Merge, manipulate & segment your customer data into groups
Create and manage offers and communications
Store all outbound contact history
Close loop with response attribution
Output to text files and databases of different types
Automate lifecycle and event driven communications
IBM Unica allows you to plan, create, execute and analyze your marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
It offers:
Market Segmentation, Offer and Channel Assignment: a powerful, flexible, flowchart-based user interface to manage the...
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