Topics: Medicine, Medical ethics, Suffering Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: December 11, 2012
FLORES, Ralph Manuel F.
Health Ethics
05 October 2012

You Don’t Know Jack (Bee Holder Productions, 2010)

‘’Oh! I do, lady! I have a religion. His name is Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, and at least my God isn't an invented one.’’
- Jack ‘Dr. Death’ Kevorkian

I found this film’s theme and subject matter very powerful and haunting, not only because of the idea that this film talks about the argument on euthanasia, but also because of the topic that a doctor of medicine – which in the most superficial sense is the one who should be promoting wellness and advocating life unto his patients – was the same person that somewhat aids his terminally-ill patients to end their lives through physician-assisted suicide, thus branding him the label ‘Dr. Death.’ Basically, the idea may sound ironic, but this quite scandalous case has what made the film interesting and argumentative.

I strongly believe that Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s intention – which was mainly to alleviate chronic physical pain and relieve emotional suffering through physician-assisted suicide – was not focused solely to end the life of his patients, as based on the ethical standards of terminal sedation. He did not even want his patients to pay him for the medical service. He just wanted his patients to have a dignified and painless death, and not degraded by the physical and emotional pain and suffering the patients were experiencing as a sequel of their terminal illnesses.

All of the four major principles of bioethics were tackled by Dr. Jack Kevorkian in his implementation of physician-assisted suicide, which I strongly agree. First is autonomy. Through autonomy, consent was obtained ethically and voluntarily from his patients, and he lets the patients and their families to decide freely, and respects the decision made whatsoever, as seen most dramatically on one of the film’s scenes where he was assisting a suicide of a retired geriatric marine with severe chronic...
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