sammys epipany

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Sammy’s Epiphany of life.

An epiphany is an awakening arrival to understanding the perception of reality, and sudden moment of truth. At the end of the story, Sammy quotes “ I felt how hard the world was going to be to me hereafter”. (As said on page 23 paragraph 31 last sentence.) The quote simplifies how the author , John Updike is making it clear that the littlest of things can bring an epiphany in another’s life. In A & P, Queenie and the two other girls comes into the store wearing only bikinis, helps Sammy discover that he naturally has to expect different challenges in life and has to be ready for new experiences. With him going through all the sudden changes, it might open his eyes and learn more about life itself. Quitting his job is his first step in achieving this goal. Although he knows that he is young, entering into the realism of adult responsibilities will widen his mind to explore and experience more. Quitting his job isn’t an optimal idea, Sammy’s motive runs much deeper than that. He is questioning for a sense of personal gain and satisfaction. By taking sides with the girls, he momentarily rises in class to meet their standards and the standards of the upper-class. Sammy is obviously near the bottom of the class ladder, a place where he is extremely unhappy. He wants the courage to set himself apart from everyone especially Lengel and be different. Without thinking, Sammy makes a rational decision that leads to his own epiphany. It becomes apparent when he feels like he should take charge and do something about the way the girls are being treated. Hoping to get recognition from the girls for being their “ unsuspected hero” ( on page 23) he decides to quit his job. Sammy is very disappointed that he couldn’t impress the girls the way he would have wanted to. Through trying to be the “suspected hero” he knew things aren’t...
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