Sameual de Champlain

Topics: Canada, Hudson's Bay Company, Fur trade Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: April 4, 2013
History Pg. 54 (Q. 1,2,4,5) 55. (Q.2,3,4,5)
1. Some of the difficulties between the French & the Aboriginals would be communication. Communicating with one another using different methods due to the fact the languages that are spoken from both sides are not the same. For the French learning & adjusting, to the Aboriginal lifestyle because both life styles are quite different. Also, Trust might be a difficulty. There might be some trust issues between the French and the Aboriginal. I personally think all of the difficulties are difficult to master. But, trust is probably the most. Trust is what is keeping it all together & it’s important. Trust conceals a relationship. If there is trust issues it’s a bit uneasy and you’ll never know when the tables are going to turn against you in this matter. Like with Donnacona & Jacques Cartier, they had trust issues and in the end Jacques Cartier turned the tables against Donnacona. But, sometimes it can become an “accusation” because sometimes things seem like as it is but it’s not. Basically, it’s like when it looks like an individual does something wrong, but there’s more to the story they didn’t actually do something wrong. So practically the actions each the French and Aboriginal make, affects their trust positively or negatively. Their actions might contradict, so they have to be cautious about it.

2. Possible problems Cartier’s crew might have encountered. * Weather
* Illness/Diseases
* Trust issues
* Mutinied
* Lack of Resources
* Encountered Creatures (Whales etc.)
* State of Ship (Damage)
* Missing Loved Ones
I personally find Illness/Diseases most difficult to deal with because it can take many lives of the crew. Illness/Diseases were commonly found when going on a Voyage, like scurvies. These illnesses in some cases the cure are not known based on the knowledge of the crew and Captain’s knowledge. Diseases/Illnesses limit the crew &...
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