Same Sex Relationship

Topics: Homosexuality, Romantic friendship, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Same Sex Relationships

          Do you really know about having same sex relationships? Actually same sex relationship can be divided into 2 parts, gay for man couple and lesbian for woman couple. In some countries especially in Europe, having same sex relationship is not against the law for them. They allow this kind of relationship. But in certain countries including our country, Malaysia same sex relationship is extremely prohibited. There are many different opinions about same sex relationship because it is directly related to religions’ sensitivity, affect to the couple, and affect to the country.           Firstly, most of the main religions in the world prohibit its followers from practicing same sex relationship. For example, Islam clearly stated in the Quran that God forbids its followers from this kind of relationship and for those practiced it, will receive punishment in hereafter. It is clearly show the point of view from the side of religions. This is because, from religions opinion, same sex relationship is like an immoral act and will lead to the many bad effects. All religions ask its followers to have good habits. So, this is why religions prohibit the same sex relationship.           Secondly, practicing same sex relationship actually will lead to many bad effects to the couple. From health point of view, same sex relationship will lead to many diseases such as AIDS. Besides that, the same sex couple will not have happy family like other families. And it will make them regret later. Furthermore, everyone will try to escape from the gays and lesbians person because they are abnormal person. Consequently, it may make them lose their friends, even job and because of that, their life will become very difficult.           Lastly, same sex relation will affect to the country. Try to imagine if there is many gays and lesbians couple in a country, what will happen to the country? The populations of human in that country will decrease. As we know,...
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